A tomato grows between winter crops.Succession gardening is when you start a new season’s crop in between last season’s crop without removing it. In this picture, you can see we have planted a tomato (a summer crop) in between the brussels sprouts (a winter crop). Succession gardening is a great way to maximize space in your garden, extend your growing season and retain moisture in your soil. The density of the leaves creates a moist microclimate, a condition which ultimately helps the plants thrive. Think about the canopy of a rainforest, and how moisture rises up from the ground, collects and condenses on the bottoms of the leaves and falls or trickles back down to the soil. Water loss is reduced in cycles such as these. The same is true for your back yard vegetable patch.

Something else you might want to keep in mind is staggering planting times. Few people need a hundred radishes at once, but if you plant what you need every few weeks, you’ll have a fresh, steady supply and you won’t need to preserve an overabundance (unless that’s your intention, of course).

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative landscaping practices will be one of the most direct solutions to solving our global warming problem before it becomes a climate catastrophe. Soil and rain produce vegetation. Flooding erodes topsoil. Drought dries out vegetation which is then susceptible...

The Path of Plastic

Cheers to another successful year of (fill in the blank). Everyone toasts with their plastic champagne cups, then bottoms up and into the garbage. The staff takes out the industrial size garbage bag full of cheap plastic and tosses it into the dumpster. In the...

Blueberry Picking

Everything's bigger in Texas, or so they say. It's June, so naturally we sunscreened up and drove out to the blueberry farm to fill our buckets. We took our northern friends who were only familiar with Alaskan groundberries (lowbush variety). They had never seen such...

Creating Social Spaces

When people come together in social spaces, ideas are shared and communities are strengthened. It was an honor to help build this pergola designed by my friend and supervisor, Ariel Von Raven of Symbiosis Regenerative Systems. First, the basic hexagon design was...

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