Earth Day 2023 is fast approaching, but you still have time to make plans for how you will celebrate and chip in on April 22! Whether you have plans to pick up litter, scatter wildflower seeds, learn about recycling, or create critter hotels, now is the time to make your plan with family and friends on impactful and fun ways to honor Mother Earth.

Did you know you can join in a litter pick up event near you or schedule one of your own? Visit to join in the Great Global Clean Up, learn about planting trees worldwide, how to end plastic pollution, regenerative agriculture, how to have your voice heard, and more! Or, if you’re in Texas, you can visit to find out about the “Adopt a Spot” program. Parents and teachers with younger kids, you can go to this awesome website for more kid-friendly Earth Day activities.

Daniel and his brothers, Sagan and Solen, are planning a trip to the beach to help keep the oceans safe by cleaning up trash. We want to know how you celebrated Earth Day, so take plenty of pictures of all your environmental superhero friends and the activities of the day and send them to!

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