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Kid in a Kilt Series

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Kid in a Kilt Series (reforestation) – Book 1

This book is endorsed by Manoj Gautam, Director, Jane Goodall Institute of Nepal.

What better way to make the world a better place than to empower youth to create their ideal future? In this engaging story, Daniel, our superhero kid-in-a-kilt turns deforestation turns to Reforestation!

The new edition includes more engaging activities and suggestions for home-schoolers & teachers. We can’t imagine a better way to teach children how to become an environmental superhero than to get them involved in caring for their environment!

Oceans Alive! – Book 2 in the Kid in a Kilt Series

$2 from each book ordered on this site goes directly to Mission Blue, the organization founded by famed oceanographer and environmental activist, Dr. Sylvia Earle. who has graciously endorsed and written an introduction to Oceans Alive!

Guided by a magical pod of dolphins, the kilt-clad Daniel and his friends see first-hand the true impact of plastics and other pollutants in oceans and waterways, and resolve to take action. Oceans Alive! is an exciting and engaging story bursting with teachable moments that empower young people to work with their friends and within their communities to improve the environment.

Includes 10 fun ocean-related activities for young environmentalists!