Guess My Animal

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Daniel’s Activities

Upcycled Tree Art

Let’s make the world a more beautiful place by creating art! You can create Upcycled Tree Art using discarded items around your home. Use your imagination to create your masterpiece. You can even use natural items you find outdoors, such as leaves, sticks, pine cones, and more. CLICK HERE

Silent 60 Seconds

Shhhhhhhhh! Do you hear that? Find a comfortable place outdoors to sit and close your eyes. Take a couple of deep breaths and listen. What do you here? Is there a bird singing in a tree? Do you hear the wind whispering to you? CLICK HERE

Recycling Relay Race

Get a few friends together and have a Recycling Relay Race! Fill a bin with mixed items that are ready to go in your recycling bins. The goal is to get all the items properly sorted for recycling. Once you  have everything is sorted it’s ready to head to the landfill! CLICK HERE

Environmental Superhero Reporter

A Environmental Superhero Reporter helps others understand the today’s issues and introduces the Friends of the Earth that are working to help protect our environment. Find a scientist, park ranger, oceanographer or other person who is helping the environment and ask them questions. Give your interview to your teacher, your local paper, or you can start your own blog! CLICK HERE

Dear Dr. Jane Goodall

Dr. Jane Goodall has taught the world more about chimpanzees than anyone else in the world! Would you like to ask her a question or just say hi? Write a letter to Dr. Jane Goodall and get a response from Dr. Goodall, her staff at the Goodall Institute, or from an Environmental Superhero like Daniel! CLICK HERE

Plant A Tree

Plant a tree and watch it grow! Create a journal to keep track of your tree’s growth. Daniel would love to see the tree you plant. Upload a photo to our gallery and we will add your name to our tree! CLICK HERE

Guess My Animal

Grab a friend and have them ask you questions to see if they can guess your animal. Where does your animal live? What kind of foods does it like? Does it have fur, feathers, scales feathers, or somehting else? CLICK HERE

Rock The World

Collect rocks and paint pictures or messages on them. Leave them around town. Your rock will help brighten someones day. CLICK HERE

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