A cozy little group of toddlers and Mamma’s gathered ’round as Daniela entertained them with a lively reading of “The Mystical Magical Abracadabracal Daniel McDougal McDouglas McFLy”

This had to be the youngest group yet, and although they may not have understood what all the words meant just yet,  they were mesmerized by Daniela’s character.

After the reading, they colored real acorn necklaces and were able to take home tree seeds (courtesy of Daniel) to plant a forest and start down a long happy road of planetary reforestation! Kudos, kiddoes!

Backyard Sandbox

facebooktwitterinstagramrssHome About Buy The Book Activities News Events ContactSagan and Solen were surprised when they got home from school and found a brand new sandbox their Papaw and I built for their 6th birthday!  We were able to acquire the cedar lumber from...

Upcycled Herb Garden

facebooktwitterinstagramrssHome About Buy The Book Activities News Events ContactAn old fire pit makes a darling little herb garden.  A few weeks ago I built a new fire pit with some concrete blocks and mortar to replace an old metal pit. I always try to see if an...

A Fairy Village in Palestine’s Dogwood Trails

I have spent the last several weeks building miniatures for the first ever Faerie Garden contest in the crown jewel of Palestine, the Davey Dogwood Park. From mini farmer’s markets to mini sweet shops and houses, almost everything in this scene is organic and...

Kids Spotted Eating Vegetables!

We had enough collards for a meal! Turns out Daniel's brother, Solen loves to eat (and harvest) them. We will harvest again in another week or so. Our garden is the gift that keeps on giving. Planting instructions for collards (Zone 8, Southwestern US): Prepare and...

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The Mystical Magical Abracadabracal Daniel McDougal McDouglas McFly

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