Sagan and Solen were surprised when they got home from school and found a brand new sandbox their Papaw and I built for their 6th birthday! 

We were able to acquire the cedar lumber from a sawmill in then next town over for only $30. They even precut all the pieces to our specs (4’x8’x12”) so we wouldn’t have to do it at home. All we had to do was put it together and add screws and play sand. (Sides are attached to 4x4 posts, and weed cloth is stapled to bottom side.) We will be making a framed lid with hardware cloth asap to keep cats out (not to mention as sweetgum balls and pine needles.)

We chose cedar because it is naturally pest resistant and doesn’t rot like pine when exposed to the elements. (Please make sure you don’t use toxic treated lumber when building children’s play structures.) The cedar will grey over time, but it will last until the boys outgrow the sandbox, then it will get turned into a raised bed garden.

 Let us know what you’re building in your back yard! Send us pictures of your DIY projects and we might feature them on our website.



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