Fried? Poached? Scrambled? Birdie in a nest? (skillet fried on toast) You just can’t beat a good farm egg. With their beautiful orange yolks and rich flavor, the best way to have year round access to fresh farm eggs is to keep a back yard chicken coop.

We researched designs and decided to order this particular coop on the internet. The boys were super excited when it arrived. We were able to assemble it and get the chicks (from our local Tractor Supply) the same day!

Sagan and Solen helped pick out birds. We chose two Leghorns, two Americanas and one mystery chick; one for every member of our family. Everyone got to name one.

After making sure the new coop was secure and stocked with chick starter and water, Diamond, Ruby, Ginger, Blanca, and Opal Divine were released into their new home. 

Building a back yard chicken coop can be as simple or as fancy as you like, as long as there is protection from predators like dogs, raccoons, snakes and predatory birds, plenty of the right kind of food (chick starter for babies, pullet feed for teenagers and layer feed or an abundance of insects/scraps for laying hens with plenty of calcium). With time, these little ladies will be providing our family with delicious, rich farm eggs, and in turn, we will provide them with love and care.

There are a million ways to keep back yard chickens. Let us know if you start your own project!




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